The Unsung HEROS

Generally, people go to beach for site seeing, morning walk, exercise, spend time with friends. I would say spending time sitting in seashore and just looking at the people around us or just sit quietly and listen to the waves which will give us pleasant feel.

Same way, I wanted to capture sunrise so I went to marina beach in Chennai. Early morning it was cold and pleasant. I was at the shore, but it was too early and I waiting to witness the sunrise. But eventually I noticed something else , which I never noticed before.  there is a very important group of people goes unnoticed. Yes, it was our Fisherman.

There were few boats in the sea sailing, one boats grabbed my attention as it was a manual boat (there were no motors or a engines), somehow  I got a chance to talk to those fishermen once they reached the shore.
After almost 4 hours of fishing they reached shore and trying hard to bring the boat to the shore, Looking at them trying hard to get the boat to shore another person joined them to get the boat. After few minutes of struggle finally they reached the shore and gets their net out of the boat. Now the process of collecting the fishes and crabs from the the net starts.

Fisherman said that sailing with his manual boat (without engine or motor he has to row) is easier when compared to getting the fish out of the net (white foam like thing that you see in the image is the fishing net). This elderly man says, it takes least 2 hrs to collect the fish and after that he has to go to market to sell them

They have to spend minimum 2 hrs to collect the fishes and crabs that they have caught and take them to market to make some money for their living. This is their everyday work, Their everyday meal depends on how much fish they get in their nets.

I felt very bad how much they are struggling to run their life.. Though the work is so hard, still they enjoy doing it and they life very happy with what they have got.
I have made a decision not to curse my job. we must think about every fisherman. There are many hard jobs that we ignore their hard work and waste food and other products came out of their hard work

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  1. Good attempt. Use some names and real time incidents which would give more interest in reading the blog .. good luck to ur new attempt.

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