Man soon to be ZOMBIE

Recent days pollution has become uncontrollable… We don’t know what will happen in few years down the lane. This entire earth might become HELL.. Place not suitable for humans..
This album is just a imagination what will happen when we go beyond the limits of pollution… what will happen when we have more stressful life with Air pollution and Water pollution..

In urban life, pollution has become a part of our life. if this continues we never know what will happen to our future generation. This is a small imagination of showing the effects of pollution .

In our day to day life we get affected by this land, water and air pollution directly or indirectly. Recent days we get to see all kinds of weird diseases and genetic disorders.

One day we even might become zombie too

What i have shown is just a imagination. But we need to keep on thing in mind, we all contribute directly or indirectly for these pollution. No strict government rules can bring change. Only our self discipline can bring change. We need to remember what we do now will affect our future generation .i.e; our children. We had all good things in our life but we are just leaving carbon for our younger generation.

Even when we use a straw, when we throw a shampoo packet, or a chocolate wrapper remember that we are killing our own younger generation. Our parents and grand parents sowed seeds for us to have a healthy life… But we are just leaving carbon for our children.

From Heart HUMAN has already became ZOMBIE… Soon Man will become A REAL ZOMBIE…. If we don’t control pollution.

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