Passion is a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for someone or something . When we are passion about something we will do anything to achieve it. For anyone to achieve or follow their passion there is always a cost is involved.

Lets take example or let me share my experience( my passion photography) Many people likes photography. Few people has photography as a hobby, few goes one step ahead and makes photography as their part-time profession and few tries hard and makes photography as full-time profession.

There are many people who likes photography, but still they find hard to invest on gears. According to me photography is a expensive hobby. Instead of staying down, i would suggest to look for a alternate option. Recent years most of the phone comes with a very decent cameras. Just that we need to explore to get perfect accessories to enhance the images.

When i wanted to do mobile photography i tried checking online about what are the possible accessories that can help us improving the quality of images and i found there are clip on lenses for android phones and IOS phones. As i was just trying it for the first time, i didn’t want to invest more, i was lucky and found a brand in very less and affordable price.

Adcom- It is the brand that has wide range of products and i fell in love with their lenses. Yes first i bought 5 in 1 travel lens and i started clicking and it was very much impressed with the picture quality and then i found that i like macro more that any other type of images. So i bought 10X HD macro lens. I am very much impressed with it. To be frank after buying that lens dslr usage got reduced.

I would suggest people who go for trekking or like to travel a lot can buy these adcom lenses which will be very helpful. As they are very compact and easy to use. More over if you rarely use camera, you dont have to invest more on camera, instead all we need to do is just buy this adcom lens.

Not just for travelling purpose, if we think of creating stock images, which can be sold on stock imaging sites, we can create our own patterns and images just by sitting inside our home.All we need is creativity and this adcom lens. We can create good quality images.

I would suggest when we are not sure or when we want to start photography, instead of investing more on photography gears, we can start with mobile photography as a beginning and once we get better in framing, then we can invest more money on high end cameras.

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