We just cannot Pause life, neither Freeze a moment nor rollback in time to re-live the most exciting moments, however we can achieve it by simply clicking images... Well it can be best described as capturing or freezing “Real Life".

Photography literally means “to write or draw with light”, but to write something that makes us feel good to read those words is one way, but to understand & feel something without even reading words but by merely looking at an image which would throw a smile in your face. Now that's the beauty of Photographs.

More than a simple image, more than a piece of technology, It is an art & practice of creating images by capturing light… & by light it also means Life, Love and Laughter. Literally any moment could be captured & can be made flawless.

It is an art where moments are framed & expressions are frozen... so it can stay in our hearts after it stays in our mind.

It enables everyone to "pause" a moment or expression & the paused memory stays young forever more. Photography is the easiest and efficient way through which we can express our feelings without offending others and this art has NO limits.

It doesn't matter 'What' we click, it matters 'How' we portray it. I honestly feel that, we need no special place for special images cause special moments happen all around us... we just need a vision to perceive the world through lens… …and this passion of mine has enabled me to pause moments that can be relished, reminisced & be reminded that time is the fourth dimension.

This site has all the moments where I have frozen ‘Real Life’. “The World is simply a Heaven, when we gaze it through a Canon”